NAME: Nerve

GENRE: Drama/Thriller/Mystery

FORMAT: Feature Film

DIRECTOR: Sebastien Guy

WRITERS: Sebastien Guy & Sarah Smith

PRODUCER: Neal Kingston

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Andrew Morris, Sebastien Guy & Marcus Gillezeau

CAST: Christian Clark, Georgina Haig, Craig Hall, Denise Roberts, Andrea Demetriades, Cameron Daddo, Sara Wiseman & Gary Sweet

PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Luscious International Pictures & Cornerstone Pictures

SALES AGENT: Shoreline Entertainment (Worldwide)

IMDb LINK: Nerve (2013)


Nerve is a psychological drama that tells the story of Jakob Evans who has suffered an emotional breakdown from the death of his wife in a car accident. Having found his wife in bed with another man just before her death, Jakob decides his only chance of closure is to find her lover so that he can comprehend what they shared. With the help of Grace, a lost and troubled companion, Jakob starts to search for the pieces of the puzzle to lead him to the man but closure changes to obsession and revenge and ultimately forces Jakob to face his own personal failings, as Grace realizes all is not what it seems.

© Copyright Luscious International Pictures & Cornerstone Pictures 2013

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